Glitchspace Alpha 2.3 Release

Hi guys! We hope you’re all having a fantastic 2016 so far. Here at Space Budgie we’ve been working hard since the new year on Glitchspace, adding levels, refining puzzles, polishing aesthetics and generally working towards improving the overall Glitchspace experience as much as we can.

Today we’re very excited today to be releasing our new Alpha 2.3 update! Due to the increasing number of potential conflicts we are having with developing the new system on top of the old, this update will only available via the beta branch (see end of blog post for more information about how to access the beta branch)

So what’s in the update I hear you say?

New levels:

As is stands we have most of the game’s main chambers designed with basic aesthetics and lighting in place. In this update however we are just adding chambers 1-21 which encompasses Transformations, Collisions and Physics (next update we go a little crazy with If and Mathematics but we are still tweaking a bunch of the puzzles so they aren’t quite ready yet). These new levels we’ve added are still subject to design changes however, so don’t be surprised if next update there are some differences (even playing through it earlier today I noticed a bunch of things that i’d like to tweak here and there).

New Visuals:

We’ve also added a number of new visuals into the R&D build. The most noticeable is the new dataflow! New UI elements are also present as well as some more geometry changes here and there.

Bug Fixes:

Finally we’ve fixed a mountain of bugs we were noticing from the previous build. There are still going to be a large number, but with each update we’re trying to reduce these as best as possible. If you do find bugs please don’t hesitate to contact us with the details. We will aim to fix as many as possible, but some take a little longer than others.

We are in full work mode here at Space Budgie! Mus has another blog post ready for you guys next week, so keep an eye on our social media so as not to miss out!

[Accessing the Beta Branch]

  • Right click on Glitchspace in Steam

  • Go to properties

  • Go to the Betas tab

  • From the Dropdown menu select Alpha2.3 – R&D Build Only

  • Close properties and wait for download to complete

  • Re-launch Glitchspace