Dev Blog 27 – Soundscapes of Glitchspace

Hey readers,

So yesterday’s announcement of Glitchspace’s release date seems to have gone down well on social media. The game has been sent out to press and Gaz is putting some finishing touches in for the final build by swinging his bug bat around, quashing any hiccups we have missed.

As our last ever (get the tissues!) dev blog post on the game, I thought that we could revisit the game’s sound: this time taking a look at the finished thing! I’m going to share two examples from the game as a taster of what you’ll be hearing May 5th.

So the first piece is one of the music tracks from the Glitchspace soundtrack. It took me a number of tries to get the right sound but we settled on a simplistic ambient soundtrack that changes throughout the game. This track was also used in the game trailer (bits of it anyway):

For our second sneak peak, I’ve put together an 11 minute amalgamation of the natural soundscapes of the game. With Glitchspace having clinical and empty environments, we wanted to fill in a lot of that empty space with calming natural sounds. You’ll hear wind, water, oceans, glitchy birds and a variety of other sounds that have been repurposed for the game to help you to chill as you think your way through problems.

So some people have mentioned the Seagulls :) Initially that was put in as a joke caused by late night insanity, but as we were going for a lifelike soundscape I decided to keep it in. Think of it as a marker of where the game was made (Dundee has a lot of seagulls…).

And so ends our final Glitchspace dev log. A short one, but the sound does most of the talking. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how the game has evolved over the past few years and we hope you’re looking forward to the game getting out the door as much as we are :)