Dev Blog 24 – Tutorial Animations

Hi! Robin here!

You know what I love to do? Animate. You know what there hasn’t been much call for for a while? Animations. This makes me sad, so when Graham turned round to me and said we need a whole bunch of animations for tutorials, I was on it like a shot.

As you may know by now our game has been quite difficult to make tutorials for. We’ve tried a number of approaches but all of them have been lacking in some way or another. Nothing seemed to be able to replace the ability to stand next to you and show you how things work in person so we thought, why not show you with a mix of well chosen words and simple little animations that clearly (hopefully) show you exactly how to do things!

I decided that while these animations needed to represent the information clearly it would be nice if they were executed in a way that mimics blueprints, as they’re showing the core workings of the game. I really like the aesthetic of blueprints and while I needed to leave off the construction lines, the white outlines on a coloured background would work nicely.

So here they are!


What’s quite nice about this one is that my animations can then feedback into animations in the actual interface.



This one might need some revision. Not sure if the mouse is clear enough. What’s the best way of showing right click?!



I like the little jiggle the nodes do when they unhook.

That’s all for now! I have other animations to get on with.