Dev Blog 22 – Front End Menu

Hello all, it’s me Mus and it’s my turn.

I have been a very busy body…..I think.  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve worked on designing and concepting the Front End Menu for the game. It’s something that we secretly wanted to go back and work on and with my work now completed on 2.0, I’ve been able to do so. Right, let’s get started with a torrent of images.  So, remember this image that’s used for the Front End of the game currently?


The 2D  artwork was going to be replaced with a fully 3D environment a while back. It was all built, however, it was put aside and forgotten about.

A very old 3d model of Room

Yep, we’ve moved on from there, to get things going, the next step was to create a new version of the Front End menu and for the time being a quick concept was created.


Design wise. 

Since the start of project we have always wanted to have this menu be a fully 3D  environment, with all the buttons existing as part of the game world. The other aspect we wanted to have was a “real world,” where the player starts the game.  Then the next step for me was to design the Front End from the ground up and as I already had it gestating in my head, it was easier to quickly sketch out a plan of the room and get going.

FrontEnd_Redesign Plan_21-05-15-01

From the plan, an isometric view of the room was created and as it was vector art, it was easy to flip the room around and focus on each of the areas.

FrontEnd_Redesign Plan_21-05-15-04
The room with a view.
Rotated view
Rotation of room. View from WIndow and Credits canvas frames.
FrontEnd_Redesign Plan_23-05-15V004-14
Close up of the WIP Options Menu
Camera rotation
Yes the Camera man, couldn’t resist it,

Once the room has been built, the next step will be to play test a few variations of navigation methods that we have in mind and to find out what does and what doesn’t work with the controls, find any issues that we may have missed while designing/making the room and to especially avoid any nausea for the player with the Oculus.


After the plan and design of the room was created, they were taken and the concepts were fleshed out more to get a better idea of how the room would look it in game.  Enjoy some of the concept work below:

Step into Glitchspace
A veiw from the Outside in. Yes, I know the small cubes look off. I ran out of time.
A Room with a view

The next step is to build the 3D environment with all working buttons, then play test it, fix problems, play test again, fix problems, tweak controls and Art, playtest again and then when it works, we’ll add it into a future update.

I have to go, my work needs me.