Dev Blog 21 – Finishing Touches

Hi Guys,

Graham here! Whilst the others in the office are working non stop to get everything ready for the Alpha 2.0’s release, I have been tasked with writing this week’s blog post! (To my left, Gaz is having a blast testing the VR mode with the Oculus, and I’m here… typing… alone…I never get to wear the Oculus Rift).

This last month has been so frantic I’m not too sure as to where I should begin. First off we’ve been busy QA Testing almost every inch of 2.0 so that it’s as bug free as we can possibly make it. Just when we think we’re in the clear another random issue will pop up which, when fixed, subsequently causes two more issues, and fixing those two… well you get the idea. Safe to say though, we now believe the build is relatively bug free (although if any of you meticulous players out there find anything game breaking – and somehow you always do – don’t hesitate to send us a message via steam or social media and we’ll be happy to fix it asap!)

I personally have been play testing the build with player’s who haven’t had exposure to Glitchspace before. Hearing people’s feedback as they play, and watching what they do is always interesting. It’s been a real eye opener for me to see some things that I assumed would be pretty simple, have people scratching their heads over. It’s all part of the design process; Design, Create, Play test, Refine. And it doesn’t even stop after release; As soon as 2.0 is out, we’re right back into development looking to create new levels, refine older ones and improve a number of tutorial features we believe are still a little awkward for new players (no rest for the wicked). Expect more changes in the future of Glitchspace as we try endlessly to create a refined and polished experience!

We’ve got some great new features in the pipes for future releases of Glitchspace. I’ve been playing around with some new levels and functions, pushing the function blocks further than originally designed. Impact forces and conditionals are on my radar, and the thought of making some funky physics puzzles is awesome! Here’s a sneak peak of some of the R&D I’ve been doing.

screen02screen01ImpactForcePlaying around with physics blocks is… Phun! (Unfortunately that’s all you get, I’ve been limited to 1 pun per blog post)

Graham out!