Dev Blog 20 – Branding

The day is fast approaching where we reveal to you what we’ve worked so hard to achieve over the past 7/8 months or so! We’ve rebuilt the game from the bottom up based on feedback from you and we’re nervous and excited to see how you react!

One of the major things we haven’t unveiled yet is our new branding! We felt that the existing branding while recognisable never really fitted with the rest of the game and despite effort originally to help tie it in more through the menu screens it still wasn’t sitting right.¬†glitchspace
This blog post will take a whistle stop tour of the process we went through to design a logo when we haven’t really done that before (so be prepared for some horrible trial and error initially)
The things we liked about the initial logo

  • It was big
  • It was bold
  • It was recognisable to our pre-existing audience
  • It was more than just a font

Things we didn’t like

  • It had little to no tie in with the aesthetic of the game, past or present

With this in mind we drew up a list of rules that the new logo needed to have

  • It needed to be recognisable
  • It needed to be representative of the game in both aesthetics and in feel
  • It needed to be readable even when super small as part of store front icons


To start with we tried to keep the original font so that it still had an amount of recognisability with those that have seen the product before. For colour palette we aimed to stick with colours that could be seen easily against the game itself with an accent of red to mimic the editable objects. We also experimented with having more of a glitch effect on the text but for the most part we found that a lot of the details of the more favoured concepts were lost quickly when the logo was shrunk down.


After a little more experimentation we realised that we were probably going to need to lose the current font. It was worth playing around with some much more abstract concepts to see if anything would stick. So here’s the wildcard page and a few mock ups using the most extreme light and dark environment tests.




Some of the thinner fonts were interesting but again were lost when the logo was made smaller, however the introduction of the shapes found in the new geometry gave us the spark of inspiration we needed.

In the end we came up with this mix of shapes and we think it looks pretty good and checks all the boxes! Let us know what you think though!

Promotional Dimensions Cheat Sheet - Glitchspace_Desura-BoxArt



Glitchspace Website Branding_Desura-Preview


And a little something extra that mimics the toolbox too!

Promotional Dimensions Cheat Sheet - Glitchspace-25

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more news!



  • Dragon Slumber

    Hey there! I’m not sure how I stumbled across your work today, but somehow here I am! I really love the new logo, and appreciate you taking the time to write out your process of getting there.

    I love the sleek, minimalist design. Very appealing and effective. So glad I found you!

  • SpaceBudgie

    Thank you! :3